The Sweet Story Behind M&M’s: A Tale of Mars and Murrie

M&M’s, the colorful button-shaped chocolates that have become a global confectionery icon, owe their existence to a blend of innovation, collaboration, and wartime observation. The two ‘M’s in M&M’s stand for Mars and Murrie, marking a partnership that revolutionized the way we enjoy chocolate.

The Sweet Story Behind M&M’s: A Tale of Mars and Murrie

The Origins: Mars Meets Murrie

Forrest Mars Sr.’s Insight

  • The journey of M&M’s began with Forrest Mars Sr., son of the Mars Company founder. During the Spanish Civil War, he observed soldiers eating Smarties, British confections with a candy shell that prevented the chocolate from melting in warm conditions.

The Partnership

  • Recognizing the potential of this idea, Forrest Mars Sr. returned to the United States and sought a partnership to bring this concept to the American market.
  • He found a partner in Bruce Murrie, son of Hershey Chocolate’s president. This partnership was significant, especially since Hershey had control over rationed chocolate supplies during World War II.

The Birth of M&M’s

Creating the Candy

  • Together, Mars and Murrie developed the candy-coated chocolate concept, leading to the creation of M&M’s in 1941.
  • The candy was initially sold in cardboard tubes and quickly gained popularity, especially among soldiers in World War II due to its durability in different climates.

Trademark Slogan

  • The company later trademarked the famous slogan “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand,” which perfectly encapsulated the unique selling point of M&M’s – chocolate that could be enjoyed without the mess.

The Impact and Legacy

A Revolutionary Product

  • M&M’s represented a significant innovation in the confectionery industry. They offered a practical solution to enjoying chocolate without the inconvenience of it melting easily.

Global Popularity

  • Over the years, M&M’s have become one of the most recognized and loved confections worldwide. Their simple yet ingenious design has led to a variety of flavors and customizations.

Cultural Icon

  • M&M’s have transcended their status as mere candies to become cultural icons, featuring in various forms of media and marketing campaigns.

The story of M&M’s is a testament to how a simple observation can lead to a groundbreaking product. The partnership between Mars and Murrie not only created a beloved candy but also marked a significant moment in the history of confectionery. M&M’s continue to delight generations with their colorful charm and the promise of chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

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