In the outskirts of a forgotten town, there stood a grand manor, known to the locals as the Crimson Manor. The manor, with its blood-red bricks and towering spires, had a chilling reputation. It was said to be cursed, haunted by a vengeful spirit that thirsted for blood.


A century ago, the manor was home to a wealthy baron known for his cruelty. One stormy night, in a fit of rage, he murdered his wife and was later found dead, his body drained of blood. Since then, the manor had been abandoned, its halls echoing with the whispers of its bloody past.

Despite the warnings, a thrill-seeking couple, John and Lisa, decided to explore the manor one fateful night. Armed with flashlights and a camera, they ventured into the heart of the Crimson Manor.

The manor was as eerie as the stories told. The air was heavy with a sense of dread, and every shadow seemed to hide a lurking menace. As they delved deeper into the manor, they noticed a strange phenomenon. The deeper they went, the more the walls seemed to glisten, as if wet with fresh paint.

Suddenly, Lisa let out a gasp. Her flashlight had illuminated a horrifying sight. The walls weren’t glistening with paint, but with fresh blood. The realization sent a wave of terror through them. They turned to leave, but the way back was no longer there. Instead, there was just a solid wall of blood-soaked bricks.

They were trapped.

A chilling laughter echoed through the halls, followed by a voice, “You shouldn’t have come here.” The temperature dropped, their breaths visible in the cold air. Then, they saw her, the ghostly figure of a woman, her eyes hollow, her hands dripping with blood.

In a flash, she lunged at John, her icy fingers closing around his throat. Lisa screamed, her voice echoing through the blood-soaked halls. She tried to help John, but the ghost was too strong. With a final gasp, John’s body fell to the floor, lifeless.

Lisa ran, her heart pounding in her chest. She could hear the ghost’s laughter behind her, growing louder with each passing second. Just when she thought she was lost, she saw a window. With a final burst of energy, she threw herself through it, landing on the cold, hard ground outside.

She survived, but was forever marked by the horrors she witnessed. The Crimson Manor stood as it always had, a chilling reminder of the bloody past, its ghostly inhabitant forever waiting for the next thrill-seekers to ignore the warnings and step into her bloody domain.

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